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The Carriage Company has many beautiful carriages perfect for your special day.

A horse and carriage is a uniquely beautiful addition to your wedding day. Whether for its your entrance, farewell, or wedding procession, the experience on a horse-drawn carriage is one you and your guests won't soon forget.



You tell us the date and the departure and arrival locations, and we'll help you plan the rest. From the carriage and horse to the timing we'll be sure all the details are customized to you and your big day.



  • Choice of Carriage: "Cinderella" or "Pumpkin" Carriage vs. Traditional Vis a Vis

  • Color options: Choose from a variety of Carriage and Upholstery colors.

  • Custom Location and Timing: We come to wherever you are whenever you want!

  • South Asian Wedding Option: We have traditional Indian/South Asian adornment for our carriage and horse available. See pictures to the right.  




Anniversaries, Proposals, Date Nights, & More

Want a Horse-drawn Carriage ride to be a part of your romantic evening? Here's how to arrange for your special night.



If your plans are Downtown, we can pick you up and drop you off at any restaurant or venue you like for no additional cost than the ride. For other locations across Memphis, we'll come to you, with a slightly higher price for the transportation.



Downtown, you can make a reservation or just call when you're ready to ride. For other locations, we'll need a bit more planning, so call ahead of time to get everything set up. 



Rates depend on the location and length of time, but give us a call and we'll happily give you a quote.



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